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Art Puzzle is a cute puzzle game in which you can enjoy completing the pretty pictures until you reveal the final result. To do this, you have to fit each piece of the picture in the right place and wait for new pieces to appear.

Art Puzzle works like this: when you start a puzzle, you will see the outline of a drawing on a blank canvas. This outline won’t be very detailed and will only show you a basic arrangement of the pieces. At the bottom of the screen are the pieces that you need to place on the picture, although you won’t be able to use all of them immediately. Your goal is to find the pieces that you can already recognize in the outline and drag them into place. Once you’ve completed the first layer of pieces, a new outline of the background details will appear, and you will have to drag pieces again until you complete this layer. When you have correctly placed all of the pieces from the bottom, the picture will come to life with a pretty animation.

Like in other coloring games, Art Puzzle has dozens of pictures to do, as well as daily challenges that will give you rewards.

Art Puzzle is a really nice game, that players can relax with while they color these warm and wonderful pictures.


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