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Art of War is a strategy game where you plan the placement of your troops in order to attack your enemy. Whether it’s harder or easier to get rid of your rivals will depend upon your distribution of the soldiers.

With 3D graphics and a bird’s eye view you observe each combat’s development. In the first levels you have a reduced number of soldiers, but as you progress, you will have to distribute your offensive lines with precision in order to attack the opponent.

The control system is easy, you just have to tap on the soldiers to position them on the map and then hit the yellow attack button when it’s time to carry out the offensive towards enemy terrain. When victorious, coins accumulate in your box and you can use them to unlock new fighters and improve your future chances.

Art of War puts you in the sand, managing the advance of your troops towards enemy territories. For this reason you have to carefully position each line of attack in the best way possible, so you can give your battles the best chance of victory.


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