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Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker is an idle clicker that offers a completely interactive experience filled with a wide variety of fun activities, unlike other more passive games in this genre.

In Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker, you run an art museum filled with art that your grandfather collected over the course of his life. But on the same day that he decides to leave his museum in your hands, a thief steals the Mona Lisa and sets the museum on fire. Now it’s up to you to go from auction to auction, trying to recognize the originals of famous paintings and rebuild your museum in the process.

Each piece brings in visitors, which means more money for the museum and more money to spend at auctions. As with other clickers, you can also level up the art so it generates more money automatically. Hire people to take care of the art or look for new work at auctions, where you select the painting you think is the original and fight to win the bidding.

Art Inc. – Trendy Business Clicker is a truly unique clicker with high production value and a premise that’s as fun as it is addictive.


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