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Arm Simulator is a casual game where you move an arm to complete the task presented on each level. To do so, move the limb at the right moment according to the elements in the scenario in order to complete the action.

Arm Simulator includes lots of different actions you’ll have to complete by moving arms. For example, during the first challenge, you can move the arm to use a hammer to drive a nail into the board, shoot a basketball into the basket, or move the faucet to wash the cat.

Thanks to these simple controls, it’s easy to complete scenarios easily and quickly. Find the best possible movement for the arm to grasp objects and complete the tasks one by one.

Arm Simulator is an interesting game where you use a virtual arm to complete a wide range of tasks. Of course, as you overcome the various challenges, you’ll be presented with increasingly complex tasks that require bizarre movements. Use your head to figure out the right movement for each situation and keep advancing.


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