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APUS Launcher Pro is an app that can give your smartphone interface a totally different look. It’s a lightweight launcher that lets you give your phone a makeover thanks to its wide selection of themes, all different types of wallpapers (even video), and shortcuts to clean out the cache.

As soon as you open APUS Launcher Pro, you’ll have to select it as your default launcher. A new interface will give you several options that you don’t usually see by default on Android devices: a screen full of news and custom shortcuts, quick search from the home screen, and more.

If APUS Launcher Pro stands out for anything, it’s for its high level of customization. This launcher offers tons of themes and custom wallpapers that will give your phone an original look. You’ll be able to easily browse through the available categories until you find a theme you want for your device. This won’t only change your usual wallpaper, but also the colors and icons you see there.

APUS Launcher Pro is an excellent app if you care about the look of your Android device. The multiple customization and optimization options make it the perfect choice for less powerful devices; all thanks to its reduced size and cleaning options.


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