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APUS Launcher is a simple launcher that, without too many bells and whistles, helps you keep your applications in order in a tidy and elegant way.

By default, the main screen of your phone shows your most common applications: WhatsApp, Facebook, Photos, Settings, and Google Maps. Then, at the bottom of the screen, you have the camera, Google Chrome, the telephone, and your contacts.

The rest of the applications you have installed will be filed according to their category. All your tools will go into one folder, all your multimedia apps in another, all your games in another, etc. In addition, inside each folder, you’ll see not only your apps but also suggestions for other apps popular among similar users.

But without a doubt, the feature that makes APUS Launcher stand out is (and what’s made it so popular in such a short amount of time) is that it takes up a little over a megabyte. So not only does it take up a tiny amount of space, but it’s also really easy to use.

APUS Launcher is a very simple and eye-catching launcher that offers an attractive presentation and an accessible and elegant interface. The size and excellent optimization feature alone, definitely make it worthwhile.


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