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Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale by Respawn Entertainment (developers of the Titanfall saga) that challenges up to 60 players to land on an island that’s chock-full of weapons. The players get to join groups of three and, as usual, the last group standing can declare themselves the winners.

Controls in Apex Legends Mobile are incredible. You can move at full speed through the vertical settings, climb walls, slide on the ground, fly from one location to another, use hooks and rope, and much more. Basically, just moving is fun enough, so imagine the possibilities.

The different types of characters available allow the members of each team to complement each other perfectly. You’ll find characters that can create amazing shields of protection, like Gibraltar or characters who can create dimensional portals, like Wraith. You’ll basically find characters that fit any preference.

Just like in any other battle royale, the setting shrinks as you play, so you’re bound to run into your enemies. In fact, the setting was designed to encourage constant movement and direct confrontation.

Apex Legends Mobile is a spectacular battle royale that’s up to par with popular games such as PUBG or Fortnite because it offers an outstanding gameplay and visuals. You’ll be hooked for hours.


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