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AnTuTu 3DBench Lite is a benchmarking app for Android phones and tablets with which users can perform a 3D rendering test that lets you check how powerful your device is. Thanks to apps like this one, users can find out if their device can support certain games’ graphics and save them money or time if it cannot.

As usual in these kinds of rendering-checking tools, the tests that AnTuTu 3DBench Lite runs are divided into three phases. In the first, the app will check the device’s RAM power through a series of continuous data flows that will test your device’s endurance. After this, AnTuTu 3DBench Lite will check your device’s 3D graphics endurance. To do this, you will see a sequence of 3D graphics, very similar to PC benchmarks. In the last phase, a series of animation frames will quickly play to measure processing speed.

One special feature of AnTuTu 3DBench Lite, when compared to other benchmarkers or even other apps from the same developer, is its lightness: the app barely uses 350MB. However, you will have to download the original and not the lite version to carry out a full rendering test.

AnTuTu 3DBench Lite is a very useful tool to check how powerful your device is. It lets you find out to what extent you will be able to move one video game or another from your device and without having to take up too much of your terminal’s memory to do so.


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