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Ant Legion is a strategy game where you have to manage an endless amount of ants and create a practically unbeatable army. As you make your way around each area of the map, you will find loads of different species of insects that you have to swiftly and efficiently attack.

Ant Legion’s simple graphics will help you to immediately see each group of insects. The battles in this game are spread out through each level you go through while defeating enemies. So, you must try to gather the best ants so no enemy can defeat you.

From the main menu, you can make the most of all the items you unlock as you play. You won’t have very powerful ants during the first few levels, but you will gradually get boosters and unique species that will help you do better in your attacks.

Ant Legion makes you part of these tiny insects’ world. Merge the power of all these ants and face increasingly bigger insects through attractive automatic battles where there can only be one winner.


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