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Anipang 4 is a match-3 puzzle game where you combine three or more pieces of the same type to eliminate them from the board and earn points. The twist to this game is that, for every puzzle you solve, you unlock a new chapter in the story of a group of adorable animal friends. The story is told with photos of these animals getting up to all kinds of trouble.

Gameplay in Anipang 4 is easy but fun, and each level is more difficult than the last. Each level also gives you a challenge: get tons of points by matching two types of pieces which change with each level. The idea is to get as many points as you can in the least number of moves. Think twice before you move the pieces, and try to combine more than three whenever you can to clear more pieces from the board at once. With a strategic eye and little luck, you’ll be racking up points in no time.

Anipang 4 is yet another match-3 game, perfect for relaxing and having fun without too many complications. Beyond that, it stands out with its amazing graphics.

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