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AndroGET is a download and files manager for Android devices from which you can manage to perfection all the documents downloaded both on your phone’s memory as well as your SD storage device.

The application supports very large files without any noticeable slowdown of the device. Moreover, it integrates with your browser (it’s compatible with the majority of them) and will allow you to download directly from the browser with just a touch of the link.

Among the more interesting features of the app you will find a complete download list, download acceleration (when available), ability to pause and resume a download, ability to rewrite or rename a file at the same time, support for Youtube video downloads and Dropbox links, and even support for some download ports like Mediafire.

AndroGET is a very useful tool that will allow its users to download any file easily, and, what’s better, manage them later on from a simple and versatile interface.

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