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Anagram Solver is an app that lets you cheat in Scrabble and other similar games where you have to form new words using a series of letters. The only thing you have to do is enter the letters in question. Then instantly, the app will magically show you all the possible word combinations with those pieces. If you have a wildcard among the available letters, all you have to do is press the ‘+’ and the app will identify it as such. So that way, you’ll always find the best possible word combinations with the highest possible points.

Anagram Solver’s settings options allows you to choose font size, the limit of results you want to obtain (1000 by default) and which dictionary you want to use. Plus if you click on one of the words, you can read its definition instantly in a browser tab.

Anagram Solver is a very useful app for Scrabble fans … or simply for those who love anagrams and playing word games.


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