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Alto’s Odyssey is the continuation of the great Alto’s Adventure, which conserves exactly the same gameplay and concept as its predecessor. In other words, you get to play Alto and his friends once again, while exploring wonderful landscapes on your board.

The controls in Alto’s Odyssey are simple: all you have to do is tap the screen to jump, keeping in mind that if you leave your finger pressed down, your character will start spinning in the air. Doing flips in the air can be dangerous, but if you land well, you’ll get a speed boost and tons more points.

Although the main objective in Alto’s Odyssey is to try to get as far as possible. Between rounds, you can try to complete a series of missions. Each time you complete a group of three missions, you’ll also level up. As you level up, you can unlock new boards and characters.

As we already saw in the first installment in the saga, Alto’s Odyssey has an absolutely gorgeous look to it, constantly showing images that will leave you astounded. Plus, each time you play, you’ll see a different setting with a new layout, changes between day and night, different atmospheric changes, etc.

Alto’s Odyssey is an outstanding game that combines a simple and fun gameplay with magical-looking visuals. Plus, the game’s soundtrack is, once again, a masterpiece composed specifically for the game.



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