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Alice Gear Aegis (アリス·ギア·アイギス) is a fast-paced 3D action game in which you’ll assemble a team of heroines, equip them with all kinds of gear and weapons, and shoot robots out of the sky!

This anime-styled shoot ‘em up takes place in the not-too-distant future, set in a universe similar to Evangelion or Mobile Suit Gundam. In this game, you’ll become one of the directors who leads a team of Actresses: women who can use Alice Gears (the game’s special combat weapons) and therefore have a natural ability to fight against the alien invaders.

Alice Gear Aegis’s controls work very well on touchscreen devices, which is an essential feature considering the frantic pace of the battles. During combat, you can move freely through the scene and use your heroine’s various attacks by simply tapping on buttons. If you want to shoot down more enemies, just wait a moment so you can target each one. On top of all that, each character has a special attack that charges as the battle carries on.

Overall, Alice Gear Aegis is a fantastic shoot ‘em up with very high production values and characters designed by famous mecha musume artists such as Shimada Fumikane, Ebikawa Kanetake, and Yanase Takayuki. And well as exciting combat, this game also has great social features that are almost as important as the battles.



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