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See how fast you can cook thousands of feet in the air in the entertaining cooking game Airplane Chefs. This time, your mission is to move through the narrow airplane aisles and attend to each passenger. Check it out and see if you can cook meals and get them to the passengers before time runs out.

Start a game in Airplane Chefs, and the first thing you’ll have to do is prepare the precooked meals by heating up as many as you can in the microwaves aboard the plane. Once they are ready, load them on the cart and take them to the passenger area of the plane. There you’ll see that all the hungry passengers have raised their hands, and it’s up to you to serve each one in the right order.

In the entertaining adventure, your only goal is to make the passengers feel at home. Serve them quickly to get better tips, keep them from losing their patience, and avoid problems on the plane. Once you’ve served all the food on the cart, dash for more so you can serve all the passengers before time runs out.

On top of all that, you can use the money you earn on each flight to buy helpful items. Enjoy hundreds of different levels, manage your time and resources, and serve passengers airline food while flying across the planet in the entertaining game Airplane Chefs.


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