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Airly is an app that gives you current information about the air quality levels in different places around the world. With this app, you can get detailed information about the air quality and pollution levels where you live or where you’re planning on visiting.

The way Airly works is simple. The app uses the information provided by air pollution sensors placed in different parts of the world. On the home screen, you’ll see the air status indicator for your current location, as well as recommendations according to the current quality of the air.

In the lower part of the screen, you’ll find several buttons where you can access the rest of the app’s features: if you go to ‘favorites,’ you can quickly access the different points on the map that you have saved. When you tap on ‘map’ you can have a see a visual representation of the air quality around the world. This means you’ll find a map of the world and on it, a series of dots that range from bright green (high quality) to dark red (dangerously low quality). Likewise, when you tap on one of these colored dots, you’ll get detailed information about the air quality in that area, according to different parameters and scales.

Airly is the perfect app for anyone who wants to make sure they’re breathing only high-quality air or to make sure they protect their lungs if the air where they live is not the cleanest in the world.

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