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AirConsole is a tool to turn your mobile device into a console controller and enjoy dozens of games with your friends on a big screen, without having to buy or configure a single thing.

First, each player needs to download the tool onto their device. Then open your browser and go to Enter the access code you see on the screen and start playing one of more than forty titles. For your friends to join in the action, they simply need to enter the same code into their device. Once everyone is connected, you can start your adventure by choosing your characters, game mode, etc.

The app converts your device into a remote or gamepad depending on the game chosen. Everyone’s controller is the same, except for the color which differentiates the characters or turns on the screen.

If you’re looking for a fun way to play games with your friends without the need for console, AirConsole is a great tool to play together without spending a penny. Choose one of dozens of different titles and have a great time with your friends thanks to this incredible service.


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