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Air Control Lite is a game where you play an air traffic controller, trying to coordinate all the planes and helicopters that want to land at your airport. At times, there are more than half a dozen aircrafts in the sky at once, making this task far from easy.

The gameplay in Air Control Lite is very simple: when you see an airplane (or helicopter), you have to touch it and draw its path to the runway. The problem is, you have to draw these paths so that the planes don’t crash into one another. If you make one mistake, the game’s over.

Each type of aircraft needs to land on a different landing strip. Small planes (blue) have to land on one runway, the larger planes (red) need to land on a larger runway, and the helicopters need to land on the heliport.

Air Control Lite is an entertaining management game. In addition to good graphics, it also has an addictive and hectic gameplay.


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