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AGORA is an image-based social network, similar to Flickr, where you can upload, view, and even sell images. But that’s not even the best part: you can also take photography classes, and even participate in competitions with cash prizes!

In order to access all of AGORA’s features, you’ll first have to create an account, which only takes a few seconds if you sign up with an existing Facebook account. Once you have an account, you can submit photos and view other photographer’s work.

But what makes this app unique is that you retain all the right to your photos, even after uploading them. This means you can sell your photos right from the app, without middlemen or commissions. To make the process even easier, AGORA has a level system you can progress through by uploading photos or participating in competitions.

AGORA is a very interesting image sharing platform with tons of stunning images taken by talented photographers. Share your talent with the world, participate in competitions, and sell your best work with this app!


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