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Age of Z is a strategy/management game in which you’ll lead a ragged band of zombie apocalypse survivors as they try to construct buildings, strengthen walls, explore new territories, forge alliances with other players, and of courses, fight tons of zombies!

Age of Z’s gameplay is similar to other zombie apocalypse games. As you complete missions- such as upgrading buildings or exploring new areas- you’ll earn experience and resources, which in turn help you level up and make your city flourish.

Age of Z has automatic battles. All you need to do is recruit soldiers and create squadrons, and your army will fight zombies whenever they appear. As well as fighting zombies, your army can also explore the map to search for more resources and new settlements.

Age of Z is a fun strategy game with some management gameplay, as well an interesting premise, great graphics, and loads of references that Walking Dead fans will especially appreciate. Give it a try and see how long you can survive the zombie apocalypse!


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