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Age of Conquest IV is a turn-based strategy game where you have to try to become the lord and master of the world. For this, not only do you have to use your army, you also need a good amount of intelligence and diplomacy.

In Age of Conquest IV, you have to take charge of one of a few different empires, like the Roman Empire, France, China, Russia, or the Inca Empire. Each empire has its own setting, so when you manage the Romans, for example, you’ll only see Europe and part of Asia on your map.

The gameplay in Age of Conquest IV is much simpler than it seems at a glance. When it’s your turn, you have a series of action points which you can invest in recruiting soldiers in your regions, sending soldiers to war, or carrying out diplomatic missions. You automatically get resources through your controlled regions … and you can even change the taxes in each one.

The war in Age of Conquest IV also has a simple gameplay. If you send 30 soldiers against 25 enemy soldiers, then you’ll have five surviving soldiers to occupy the enemy region. That said, these five soldiers will be pretty exposed if any enemies attack trying to get the land back.

Age of Conquest IV is an excellent turn-based strategy game that offers a really fun challenge for any fans of the genre. The first setting (in Rome) is completely free, but to access the rest, you need to pay via Google Play.


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