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Advanced English Dictionary is a very interesting platform that you can use to learn new English words, whether essential ones or more advanced terms. This tool not only serves as a dictionary, but it can also be used to practice the language with all sorts of exercises.

Among its features, Advanced English Dictionary supports the translation of terms from English into Spanish, a synonyms dictionary for both languages, a list of the most commonly used words, listening to everyday conversations, English proverbs, irregular verbs, and also includes tips to improve your diction. This is, without a doubt, a much more comprehensive platform than any common dictionary.

Advanced English Dictionary is specially designed to be intuitive for any user, regardless of their experience. Exercises will be shown in a list-format, so all you’ll have to do is scroll down to find and start the one you want. Translate from English into Spanish, learn a new daily word, access more advanced vocab or use the camera translator easily, just by tapping on the corresponding buttons.

Advanced English Dictionary is an English into Spanish (and vice versa) dictionary that you can not only use to translate separate words, but also to learn the language and improve your writing, listening and speaking skills easily.


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