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Action Toys is an action-packed game set in a world ruled by dynamic toys where you can get behind the wheel of unique cars, explore every corner of the map, and battle opponents. All of that with colorful graphics that make it easy to use obstacles to your advantage and move even faster across the map.

As you win battles, you’ll earn prizes that you can use to unlock new characters and vehicles. To play, just use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move your vehicle and the button on the right to shoot bubbles and other items.

On the top of the screen is a status bar that shows the health of you and your opponents. Not only that, but Action Toys has a team mode with more players on the map, which makes the games even more fun.

On top of all that, this game has intuitive controls that let you focus on having fun as you join players from all over the world to create an invincible team. Try Action Toys and put your skills to the test as you drive fun cars across circuits packed with traps and obstacles, shoot at opponents, win the battles, and unlock new players and vehicles.



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