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If you want to live a healthy life, then not having enough time or having trouble being consistent isn’t an excuse anymore. With Abs Workout Pal, you can put together your own custom workout routine to work your entire body or a specific muscle group. It also helps you make sure you drink enough water, keep track of your weight, and more.

Abs Workout Pal offers different predefined exercise plans, both general and specific. On one hand, you have the general routines where you can find a fat-burning routine, a full-body workout routine, and more. On the other hand, you also have specific workout routines for the muscle groups you want to focus on, like abs, glutes, legs, and more. You can also find a plan for stretching to complete after exercising or at any other time of day.

This app also lets you set an alarm or notification to remind you at the time you want to work out. Plus, Abs Workout Plan lets you know how much water you should be drinking and at what time. You can also set a reminder in the app so you don’t forget to drink the recommended amount.

If you’re not sure about how to complete the exercises, no problem. Each exercise comes accompanied by a GIF that will show you exactly how to complete the moves with the correct posture. Plus, if this isn’t enough, you can read a brief description that appears below the demonstrative GIF.

With Abs Workout Pal, you can live a healthier lifestyle doing more exercise, drinking more water, and keeping track of your weight if you want.

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