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ABA English is an app that lets you learn or improve your level of English on your Android device in a convenient way. You can both learn the basics of the language and prepare yourself for some of the most demanding official exams like the TOEFL or the Advanced Certificate, among others.

The first thing you have to do upon installing ABA English is a quick quiz to determine your current level. Once you finish this 20-question test, the app assigns you a level and you can start doing all sorts of exercises and activities to improve your vocabulary, grammar, idioms, listening, etc.

In ABA English you’ve got six different levels with more than 100 different units. One of the most interesting sections in the app is the ABA Films, a set of movies and short films thanks to which you can learn all sorts of different lessons. Like this you can learn in an entertaining and interactive way.

ABA English is an excellent language-learning app thanks to which you can get access to hundreds of different lessons to improve your level of English. Plus if you get a paid subscription you can discover even more exclusive lessons and activities.


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