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A Day with Caillou is a fun educational game in which kids can learn about all kinds of activities alongside their favorite characters.

A Day with Caillou is divided into four times of the day: sunrise, morning, afternoon, and night. Depending on the time of day, kids will have different tasks to complete. But no matter what challenge they get, it will have intuitive and easy-to-use controls.

At sunrise, kids can learn to tell time, dress Caillou, brush his teeth, and accompany him as he goes to school. During the morning, they can practice math, writing, languages, comprehension, or memory. In the afternoon, children will visit the park and play sports like hockey or basketball, and then enjoy shopping or recycling. Finally, at night they will go back home and help Caillou bathe, make a pizza for dinner, and feed the fish. On top of all that, there are also extra mini-games with beautiful illustrations to color or puzzles to solve.

A Day with Caillou is an entertaining educational game in which your children can follow their favorite characters as they do their daily activities.

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