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9 Months is a clicker game in which you can follow the development of a fetus from the moment the egg is fertilized until the day the baby is born. To do so, tap on the cell production button and other buttons to speed up the process until you’ve completed each week of gestation.

9 Months has very realistic visuals that show all the elements in 3D. This means you can watch closely as each tissue and organ develops, and gain a deeper understanding of how cells develop in the placenta.

As well as realistic visuals, 9 Months also has a toolbar on the bottom of the screen where you can view the state of the baby, your unlocked accessories, or manage its family. This game also shows interesting information about various parts of the developing fetus and the influence they have on the body.

Watch as a baby develops in 3D in the realistic game 9 Months. On top of all that, you can change your point of view to clearly see whatever area interests you. All while producing news cells to help the baby develop as fast as possible.


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