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8fit is a physical fitness app that lets you follow a variety of specific programs geared at fulfilling different objectives. Each program and each exercise is completely customizable and can be adapted to your physical condition and final goal.

The first thing you’ll have to do when starting the app is specifically state your objective: lose weight, gain weight, or body sculpting. To help you choose which program you should do, you’ll also have to enter in other information regarding your height and weight. That done, you’ll continue on to a short physical test to see what kind of shape you’re in.

Once you’ve completed the first step, what’s left is the most difficult part: comply with the training program and be consistent. The app’s free version contains three different programs aimed at different levels, but the paid version has many more.

Following a training program with 8fit is as easy as checking out the videos the app shows on the screen and logging your fitness results. The best part is that none of these training sessions will take longer than half an hour.

8fit is a proper in-pocket personal trainer with a convenient interface and excellent features. Regardless of your goals and of the time you have, you can find a program to adapt to your needs.


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