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7Z – Files Manager is a complete data management tool that will allow you to take control over every single one of the documents, files and apps that you may have stored in your Android device. Thanks to this tool, you can say goodbye to not knowing what is inside each of the folders of your device.

The way 7Z – Files Manager is used is not that different from that of any other file explorer. Once inside the app, you will be able to copy, paste, cut, create, delete or rename files and folders. You will also be able to quickly send documents via email or another app that you may have already installed. Moving between folders is also fast and convenient, as you can move back and forth easily. Moreover, the tool lets you create new folders and files, and save them wherever you like.

On the other hand, in 7Z – Files Manager you will find a search engine and filters that will speed up the search process. You will be able to see only the pictures, the videos or the APKs you have stored on your device. This last feature can be very useful, for instance, to delete the installer of an app you have previously installed with an APK. This will only take a second, and your device’s memory will no longer store unnecessary files.

7Z – Files Manager is a simple and direct file explorer that offers everything that’s expected, while allowing you to work quickly and intuitively. This app is perfect for both knowing and managing every file from your smartphone.

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