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2Accounts is an app to use two accounts for the same app, from the same device, without having to log in and out repeatedly. This means, for example, you can have two Facebook or Whatsapp accounts open at the same time and alternate between them quickly.

The interface for 2Accounts is simple, easy to use, and intuitive. Just select the apps you want to add to your list of ‘doubled’ apps and access them via 2Accounts. That done, the doubled app stays open and you can access it as usual.

One interesting advantage of 2Accounts is that, surprisingly, it takes up very little space and uses few resources. You can use the app on basically any Android and even have various duplicate apps open at the same time without any problem.

2Accounts is a really interesting app if you use multiple accounts for your social networks and want to manage them all quickly. It can also prove very useful in the world of video games as well.


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